Tomboy X now offers a range of styles and colors: with and without buttons, boxers and boxer briefs, etc. Play Out Underwear Play Out Underwear is a relatively new line of underwear that is gender-neutral, fun and exciting, with a comfortable fit and great fabric.Play Out also uses a wider waistband, similar to the waistband you see on “men’s” underwear.

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Hey, so I was just wondering about any further suggestions as to boxer briefs for women who are more masculine?

I know of Girls Will Be Boys and I love them; Rodeo H, which is a little too risque for me; Ethika has some women’s undies too.

I guess my question is: What can I do with men’s undies to make them not look like I have a weird package type thing?

Girls Will Be Boys Signature Boxer Briefs, $19 Rodeo H Boxers & Briefs with Harnesses, $45+ Ethika briefs, $20+ Oh, the endless quest for underwear that is masculine, that fits, and that doesn’t have any extra openings or bulky fabric. Autostraddle has tackled the task before in this wonderful, comprehensive roundup.

Butch Wonders also provided some amazing recommendations in “Awesome Butch Underthings”.

Here are our team’s favorites in addition to the brands you named: Tomboy X Tomboy X just launched their incredibly soft boxer brief, fit tested on tomboys of every shape and size, all the way up to 4XL.

The Tomboy X branded waistband is silky soft and designed to gently hug you front to back, without gaping.

The rest of the brief is made with high quality cotton with just enough spandex to keep them comfortably snug without binding.

FOCX FOCX is a UK brand that offers “women’s” and unisex “boy” shorts and boxer shorts both with and without the keyhole opening.