This is the personal view of one Canadian, partially based on his personal experience with the dating scene in that part of North America.

A combination of each of these appears to be responsible for women leaving Thailand seeking love elsewhere.

It is particularly startling that this also now includes young middle class Thai women and professionals from particular regions of the country most notably Isaan in Northeast Thailand.

The story of educated Thai women seeking a new start in America or Canada can be instanced by the experience of one Canadian man from Vancouver who met his Thai fiancée in Canada.

Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.

REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money.

Women from Isaan, a collection of provinces in Northeast Thailand are a large proportion of Thai women seeking life partners and a new start in the United States of America. Others suggest that the Western media to have provided Thai women with a stereotype of life in North America and other foreign places.

Many Thai women are convinced that by moving out of Thailand they will find the loving relationship that they cannot find in their own country because TV and the magazines tell them so.

This lucky Canadian man never did have to visit Thailand to meet a beautiful Thai woman.

His story goes that he got 'fed up with the local dating scene,' and with 'alcohol-induced relationships,' so decided to stop dating altogether.

The same day he made this resolution, he met a young Thai woman from Isaan, the region of Thailand bordering Laos in the northeast.

Through his experiences with his Thai fiancée and her friends, he found that Thai women were not only more beautiful, but also better educated and more committed to their family than most single Caucasian women - at least those in the Seattle/Vancouver area.