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Lois discovers that she has a brother, named Patrick, that her parents have been keeping in a mental hospital for years.

He seems perfectly healthy when she goes to see him, however, so she arranges for him to be released and come live with her family.

Patrick was hospitalized over trauma at catching his mother in bed with Jackie Gleason, and Peter's appearance brings back the old memories, causing him to go on a killing spree of similarly fat men.

Will they be able to convince Lois that her brother is behind all the killings before he gets to Peter?

Brian throws a rock hitting Peter in the face and says, "That's for closing the window when I tried to get in the General Lee." This is a reference to episode 3.12 To Love and Die in Dixie.

See more ยป This is the best Family Guy episode ever!

A real demonstration of DENIAL in human beings: Lois rejecting the idea the her newly discovered brother is insane versus Peter refusing to admit that he is fat.

The top three scenes are: 1- The thrilling doctor's appointment 2- Brian trying to convince Peter that he should do somethingabout is weight or perhaps admit that he is fat:*Peter: "What the hell is that?