Now, we are going to put the body on the butterfly. It's a little detail brush to give me the antennas. So I am going to use my detail paint and put some dots, just here, there, and everywhere, and they will really show up well on the black. That little girl doesn't like her lips painted.

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I would call this step one, just applying the base color.

If you start using these split cakes, you are going to love them. I am going to take my small round brush and wet it, and pick up some black.

Take our brush and we can drag in a little bit, like so.

I am just sort of rounding it right here between those little swipe marks.

So, I am going to take a large clip and get it out of my way.

I am going to use some dry paint that I will apply with sponge tip applicators.

I am also going to use some of my wet paint that I will apply with brushes, particularly round brushes.

Face paint a butterfly by using certain face paint palettes and brushes so that the design is colorful and symmetrical. Today on the butterfly we are going to use one of these split cakes.

Watch this how-to video from to easily face paint a butterfly design. I am going to swipe my brush across these colors here on this side of it; a three-quarter inch wide brush, a thinner brush for the detail and the outlining. Turn my brush, so that the blue is in the middle, and then fill in with a little color right there, like so.

I am with All Star Entertainment in Houston, Texas, and this is my lovely model Zoe, and today we are going to do a butterfly.

Swipe across the pink, yellow, and blue part of the cake, and we are going to come up, like so, and make a shape of a wing. I put a little color right there and get some more paint on there. Now, we are going to do the other side with the yellow on top.