Paul Nassif's girlfriend's dark financial past has been exposed. Nassif and Maloof appeared together on Bravo's , but amid filming on season three, the pair went their separate ways.

In fact, according to the reality star and the 27-year-old former Miss Nevada USA, there is no way their relationship started last April…

Paul Nassif may have one-upped his ex-wife Adrienne Maloof in the 'hot young piece' department with new girlfriend, Helen Salas, it appears that the rumors that the pair first started hooking before his divorce from the star was finalized are UNTRUE!

because they only met for the first time six weeks ago!

There's just been so much back-and-forth between these two during their split that we have a hard time gauging who's lying about what! The divorce is settled and they both have significantly younger flings to occupy their time, so here's hoping they can both just stay out of each other's tinsel-adorned hair and properly MOVE ON with their lives! Is Paul telling the truth about the time-frame of his relationship?

He claims Villalobos made dry cleaning runs for him and made off with $4,000 worth of clothing!

Paul Nassif is a producer, known for Plastic Disasters (2006), Botched (2014) and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010).

He has been married to Adrienne Maloof since May 2, 2002.

Strebel, who also went by Toby Sheldon, was best known for undergoing plastic surgery to appear more like Justin Bieber.

He went missing on August 18 from West Hollywood and was later discovered in a Motel 6 in North Hills, Calif. Following the news of his death, Nassif headed to Twitter to address Strebel's family, writing, "My deepest condolences go out to the family of Toby Sheldon.

Paul Nassif wants a former bodyguard to pay for making explosive accusations about child abuse -- a claim he only made when he was about to be fired ... According to the lawsuit, Kevin Villalobos, screwed up on the job earlier this year, and got wind the doctor planned to 86 his ass for it.

That's when Nassif says Villalobos emailed his resignation with this line: "I could not silently standby while you hit and injured your children in angry outbursts." Villalobos included Paul's ex-wife Adrienne Maloof on the email, according to the suit. He says the ex-bodyguard keeps trying to piss off Adrienne by repeating the accusations. Paul's suing for libel and defamation ..there's side beef too.