See more » During the opening credits bus ride through Manchester the very large building on Portland street overlooking Piccadilly Gardens (now a Thistle hotel) has large letters across the top on each wing identifying it as "Hickson, Lloyd & King Ltd." But in the shot, the letters are all backwards in a mirror image. I'm not going to give anything beyond this away other than to say that Jo becomes best friends with a gay man Murray Melvin. Shelagh Delaney, who wrote the play as a very young woman, wrote the screenplay with director Tony Richardson. I think it's one of Richardson's very best. See more » Rita Tushingham is excellent as an unhappy girl. The mother is interested primarily in her dubious good looks and gives almost no attention to daughter Jo (Tushingham.) In one of the few heart-to-heart talks -- in which she tells Jo that her (Jo's) father was a simpleton -- she says that we always remember our first.

Then Jo finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Jimmy, a Black sailor.

Geoffrey takes over the preparations for the baby's birth, and becomes, in effect, the child's father.

The three of them seem to have things sorted out when Jo's mother reappears on the scene, assertive and domineering. Despite winning Best Actor (Murray Melvin) and Best Actress (Rita Tushingham) prizes at Cannes, Dora Bryan and Tushingham went unrecognized and were barred from the film's celebration party until film critic Alexander Walker spotted them outside and was able to get them in. I haven't seen it since but find I'd forgotten little. I had never heard the song children sing at the beginning, about a big ship sailing, before nor have I heard it since (until tonight when I watched it again.) But I have never forgotten it.

A juvenile offender impresses the reform school Governor with running abilities.

He is in turn given special privileges to encourage him to win a race against the local public school, but he is therefore teased his fellow rebellious peers.

Despite success on the field, a rising rugby star senses the emerging emptiness of his life as his inner angst begins to materialize through aggression and brutality, so he attempts to woo his landlady in hopes of finding reason to live.

Jane, a young French woman, pregnant and unmarried, takes a room in a seedy London boarding house, which is inhabited by an assortment of misfits. See full summary » The Portuguese colony of Macao in the 19th century. Clay is a very rich merchant and the subject of town gossip.

He has spent many years in China and is now quite old. See full summary » In England, the times are a changing: it's mods and rockers.

On the day Nancy gets off the London train, cases in hand, looking for the YWCA, Colin has had enough of missing out on the ...

See full summary » Black and white, gay and straight, mothers and daughters, class, and coming of age.

Jo is working class, in her teens, living with her drunk and libidinous mother in northern England.