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Allow these conversations to help you navigate whether you are a good match or not. When you have that insatiable need to be loved come up, talk to him about what you are going through rather then pushing him against a wall.Don’t command him to fill your desire to be loved, but converse with him about your struggles in this area.I was afraid of getting out of the zone because according to my culture, that meant I should be ready to get married. I finally decided that my rules were not working well for me, so I took a plunge into the dating pool. You’re a lot taller than me, but I can work with that. I feel so much PRESSURE from you and all of these other girls.


The more you believe you have what it takes as a man to be responsible, the less scared you will be of commitment.

Ask God to show you how proud he is of you and how he sees you as a man, things you might not have heard from your father. Talk to Cinderella about these fears as they come up.

I am not into dating casually, but I am into dating slow. It is written into the plot of the earth.” These deep-seeded struggles often come out in dating, and it takes some hard work to overcome them. You have longed for someone to sweep you up out of those ashes and make you the princess you think you might be on the inside. It seems like you often date someone just to prove you are valuable, something you weren’t told enough as a little girl. You might want to go on a few less dating websites and a few more counseling sessions. Part of the curse in Genesis was that a woman would “long for” a man.

You think that your deep loneliness will be filled when you find him.

When you say to me “either you want me or you don’t,” that makes me feel backed against a wall. Navigating dating can be as difficult for humans as turning pumpkins into carriages. But I digress …) You have been in the ashes for so long.

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