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I appreciate and welcome those who are interested in me, those special men are willing to take time, as I am, to get to know each other well.

i am living at a big city in Southwest of China , working as a teacher also an administration staff at a College of Vocational and Technical here; i am a well educated, mild , kind , loyal , polite , open-minded , caring, God fearing, supportive, understanding and faithful Chinese woman .

France is a country of Western Europe with several islands located in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. Communicate and Chat with French singles to know more about their culture and way of life using Live

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My biggest dream trip is to visit Australia and of course to bring back a lot of unforgettable memories and stunning photos of this fascinating country.

To me true love is a strong feeling that harmoniously blends physical attraction, affection and spiritual understanding.

NB:scammers and swindlers you are not wellcome, don't waste your time.

I look for a serious and fruitful communication in the respect for the other one, to tilt me on another vision of the life, to have an opportunity of touch even remote the human depth of the exchange without any defined material purpose only to feel the humanity of the other one 'm wht 'm your somewhat typical moroccan living in salé.

I am sincere, loyal , honest, very sensitive, affectionate, and true. I am seeking for a serious relationship true, *censored* o, I introduce myself a little.

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