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Kicking colonialism’s butt is about giving land, natural resources, and cultural heritages back to people of color, and it’s about more than that, too.

In order for us to truly decolonize our identities, we need to address our bodies and desire as well.

It is not enough to stand against military oppression, but also the oppressions of classism, sexism, shadism or “pigmentation politics” as Diaz termed.

Using these terms, I articulated the issue to my family of radical POC and found out that this is a pervasive and under-addressed issue in our community.

After many thought-provoking and deeply-personal conversations, I have listed five steps that reflect upon practices of dating, sex, and love that will further empower us as people of color. Think of all the reasons why you find this person attractive and how much of it has to do with their status and privilege. Maybe the object of your desire has “good taste”—in clothing, in music, in food, in books, and so on—all of which are purchased.

Those with deeper pockets are more able to wear their tastes on their sleeve. Those who appear more desirable are always those with more means to appear desirable.So in other words, examine what the privileges of this person are in relation to who they are as a person.The most visceral experience was with a close friend who inspired me to study critical social theory and philosophy.I witnessed first-hand some very self-destructive relationship behaviors that were inextricable from race, culture, and class identities.Junot Diaz’s speech is the first time I’ve even heard of the phrase “decolonial love” and it immediately resonated with me.It gave a voice to the helplessness I’ve felt for years, unable to address certain obsessive patterns of behavior from people of color I loved and respected.