Summer Fling is a visual novel dating simulation video game developed and published by Dharker Studio. Summer Fling was released for Mac, Linux and Windows on […] Home Mate (@ふぉーむメイト in Japanese) is an eroge adult only video game developed and published by the Japanese company “Illusion”.The game is about a young boy Nanao Inuzuka who grew up in the Yuunagi […] Sakura Santa is an anime adult visual novel developed by Winged Cloud and published by Sekai Project.Sakura Santa is about a lonely young man (Koji) during the Christmas holiday.

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In Sakura Beach you play as Seiji who visits the beach with his two childhood friends.

[…] Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator is an adventure role-playing visual novel and dating simulator video game developed and published by DEVGRU-P.

In Panzermadels, the player controls Erwin, a young military officer who believes the “Tank School” […] Cat Girl Alliance (Koneko Doumei) is a Japanese visual novel hentai video game developed by Sekilala and published by CD Bros., released on February 20, 2004 for Windows.

It was localized in North America as […] Amorous Professor Cherry is an adult only visual novel developed and published by Zy X.

The game revolves around the relationship between a female teacher and her homeroom student.

The game was released on September 9, […] Hunie Cam Studio is a management simulation ( w/ nudity) video game developed and published by Hunie Pot.It is a game where players run and manage their own camera girl operations. This time, the game is an "eagerly anticipated full-fledged dating simulation game" for the PS Vita system.The first anime season will re-run on the BS11 channel on Mondays at midnight starting January 12, 2015.The action blockbuster Blue Exorcist is back with a brand-new anime in 2017 - we sat down with the original creator of the Blue Exorcist manga to explore her incredible success (and dig up details on the new anime!)― Den-noh Coil is an original anime production and the brainchild of Mitsuo Iso, a name that even dedicated anime fans probably aren't familiar with unless they are steeped in knowledge of key animators.