Some of these store bought juices are even pasteurized, or hydrogenated.This means the manufacturer heated the juice over 118 degrees, the where the essential nutrients in fruit begin to denature.The high cost of fruit juices also make it hard for some to buy quality drinks, with full nutrient preservation.

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People do not eat vegetables like they used to, and neither are the juice drinks available in stores.

Even top brands only have 10% juice (from Concentrate)!

To actually get the full benefits of fruit, you can purchase a juicer.

The best juicers will release nearly all of the vitamins, minerals and other beneficial materials into a delicious cup of juice.

Your cup will also contain more of the chlorophyll, which acts as a detoxifying agent.

Juicing is great because you can stuff an entire serving of fruit into one eight to twelve ounce cup.Juice enthusiasts also benefit from the ability to drink the juice just after it is extracted.From the time bottled juices are put in their containers, they are losing important nutrients and antioxidants.We are a one-stop juicer encyclopedia of knowledge.We have scoured the most recent reviews, product releases, and company profiles to find the most reliable, durable, and functional juicing devices.Our brand insights let you know who will help you if your appliance breaks, and who will leave waiting without juice.