I love art as well, my dream job would be a writer, i love to captivate people with my thoughts and love to express myself in various mediums like dance, paintings and writings.With all these years of self exile, I learned over 5 languages and learned to love nature.With creativity and imagination in my backyard, I would love to go on with life journey with a special someone who is equally articulate, imaginative and not afraid to catch the Moon in the Bahamas with me.

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Originally from China, have been lived and worked in 4 countries before I moved to HK earlier this year.

I am comfortable with both western and eastern cultures.

I love travelling, seeing the new places and trying the new things, also enjoy all the comforts at home. looking for gentlement over 40 to have friendship first then see what it bring us to.

I am in my early/middle 30s, would be happy to eventually meet a kind, caring, genuine, cheerful, affectionate and mature-minded gentleman, ideally in his middle/late 30s or early 40s, for a simple, happy and long-lasting relationship. :) Send Message Ref ID: 46505450-8e99-4c6b-954a-8ced51a2139f i am looking for a honest guy here, don't mind he Is local or expat . kindly drop me a mail if you are looking for a real decent lady with down to earth personality.

Drop me a note if you fancy to Catch up for coffee. Send Message Ref ID: 6d6e7792-59a3-4044-9ac2-e0e1d3818b5e 50+ smart or well educated, caring, stable, single chinese / western man with healthy life-style, open-minded, no religion better, sophisticate, never worry being poor, traveled or worked in quite a few countries, like kids and pets, peace, arts, music, sports, walk, talk meaningful, laughing topics, think, love home. Send Message Ref ID: 00e20392-1dd0-4852-afbb-f065cddeb0a7 It sounds a bit weird.

By the way, I am not interest To go to the bar at LKF or Wanchai . Would like to meet someone is kind ,honest,postive mind set. A single Chinese woman has very little money(who knows), love good man, wisdom. I work in HK , and hope find my true love and settle down. Send Message Ref ID: 315206cd-6f5e-44a5-bfa4-dccf4a7eee8f am a very decent hk Chinese. I like dating divorced man because he is more adaptive to woman.Send Message Ref ID: 84293b64-7f9b-4b95-8e42-7f99594f5122 I am a local Chinese lady who has lived in Australia for 15 years, single and no kid. I like travling, I like sharing my time with my family and my friends . Send Message Ref ID: 76e20c2c-3f74-41ab-a818-c8d90437050a Attractive, brilliant, classic, decent, elegent, friendly, gorgeous, happy, incrediable, kind, lovely, matue, nice, open-minded, positive, sexy, unique, wise international Chinese lady has multiple good hobbies, also have traveled many countries. I like looking at the good side of people rather than dwelling in the negative things.Asiaissue web design was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong.We're a one-stop solutions of responsive web design, hosting, and internet marketing.We can take your business and ideas to the world via the world wide web and print ads in English and Chinese allowing your customers to reach you at any time of day or night, giving your company the sharper edge needed to cut through the competition.Ref ID: c1481f53-4237-4a05-a95f-af6eab5ab041 Hi I am en Eurasian, born and raised in HK, but left HK at my teens and living as outcast till I return in recent years, I have always been thinking outside the box, love to travel, learn different cultures, languages and get to know people.