It sounds fine, other than it needs a sheilding job. I wish I had checked out the who nut escapade, and got that fixed, but I'll spend the extra dough, throw in a graphite nut and it'll be right as rain.I get very bright sounds with it, and being as versatile as it is, I can rock it in metal, which I don't do often, but it goes with me from one tune to another. I really like all the sounds I get from it, even with the stock pickups. I would definately buy this again, or maybe get a cheap American Strat instead, if I have the extra money.This was goddawful out of the "box," it was previously rented, and basically messed up. Theres also a chip in the finish, but thats why I got a deal on it. I love the neck, the biggest pull factor in the whole equation.

I have personally changed the pickup height to suit my playing style but the standard height was very good.

The guitar has no flaws, the only things that have ever gone wrong are the truss rod moving out (due to weather changes) and the thread on the tremelo arm is possibly out by several microns in places which causes the tremelo to suffer very slightly but as long as you dont remove it every day it is fine.

All the controls do exactly what they're supposed to do.

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I play the classic rock genre, and I mix in alternative/newer stuff that suits my fancy.

The guitar goes right along with it, I can belt out some Zepplin and then Switch it to my favorite pickup setting, the mid/neck position and play some funky music.

I use a Roland Cube 30, and I usually use just reverb, sometimes chorus. I couldn't be happier, after playing almost 1 and a half years, it's what I need, and what I'm going to use for a long, long time.

The guitar is quite noisy when a single pickup is selected rather than two at a time, but this is largely to do with the amp and the fact that they're not humbuckers.

It has great tone ranging from very nice bassy sounds to great top end treble screams.

The harmonics on this guitar are amazingly easy to create and it sounds absoloutely superb, it more than makes up for any amount of noise it creates.

The guitar was set up very nicely when I recieved it however after some weather changes the truss rod did move out slightly and my guitar teacher had to correct that but otherwise its almost 100% reliable.