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Today’s technology allows us to operate with anonymity. like you.” Thus, you avoid every single does-he-or-doesn’t-he-like-me awkward encounter you could possibly anticipate.

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The Dating Assignment Most students who bow out of the extra credit assignment in Cronin’s class do so because you have to ask the other person out—wait for it—in person.

That sounds like a crazy reason to forgo free points until you think about what most of us do all day: stare at computers, phones, and televisions—not people. If someone “swipes” your photo to the right (and you do the same), you’re notified that you could be a match for each other.

An online manifesto left behind by shooter Elliot Rodger spurred online conversations of sexism and violence against women.

Net neutrality, or the concept that all Internet content should be treated equally regardless of its provider, has been a particular point of contention for the courts, lawmakers and businesses this year, with the interests of large Internet service providers and broadcasting companies such as Comcast posed against those of smaller networks like Netflix.

In contrast to websites that allow students to rate professors, such as Rate My and, Adams said he found little value in websites like RYS.

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