'Granny has got one setting: real,' said Miss Stollak, who works as a TV writer.'Friends will sugarcoat things, make it sounds nice. He finds her boring and repetitive because his granny always feeds him cabbage-related dishes, most commonly cabbage soup, they are constantly playing Scrabble and her television hasn't been working since the 1980s.

The date was a success and a relationship blossomed that lasted two years.

'We just broke broke up after the book got printed, it was a great relationshiop that ran it's course.'Meanwhile Granny, as Miss Stollak calls her, wasn't looking for a relationship - she was simply looking to have some fun, and support her granddaughter.

'Shes likes her independence, not being committed to someone According to the book, Gail dated her ex-husband for just five weeks before tying the knot at 19 in 1954.

It’s probably the most uncomfortable conversation we’ve ever heard on the air…

and it involves a young man and his Grandma who “saw too much”. But after this, I’m not sure things will EVER be the same!

Hear what happened, in the Awkward Tuesday Phone call!

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Six weeks later she was pregnant, and two years after that her husband admitted cheating on her.

When a co-worker of her husband's caught her eye at one of their regular dinner parties, the book explains how she began a love affair that spanned the rest of her marriage and then through her divorce in her early forties.