I have a lot of beloved flower favorites, but at the top of that list is the peony.There are so many varieties in colors and form that I could design another dozen version of peonies in paper quite easily.You may remember the peony I posted last fall using the watercolor design onto printer paper, or this version where I make them from simple cupcake wrappers.

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This set of crepe peonies is my test run for a wedding this summer. A few tips I will pass: First, there is a difference in crepe paper weights and therefore the amount of stretch it will have.

We are going to include the pale cream and blush peonies into a live bouquet with garden roses to give the English garden feel. For these outer peony petals, it is important that they can stretch enough to have a rounded cup shape.

Second tip is to make sure you cut along the grain.

On my pattern below I have included grain lines to show you the direction to place and cut.

I am so excited about these peonies as the crepe has given me the look I was wanting to that large lush wedding style of peony.

I will share the final wedding photos with you here this fall so stay tuned!

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My third tip for this flower specifically, is that since the flower head is very heavy when I have applied off of the petals, it is important to use the additional support of the three leaves on their own floral wire stems.

You can see the details of adding the leaves in the tutorial below. It will work best if you glue the ends of the tiny leaves surrounding your bloom base onto the wire and begin your wrap over the top of the green paper leaves.

I even added just a touch of glue to keep it in place as I twisted the tape down the wire.

Remember to activate the stick of the tape you must gently stretch as you wrap.