Cosmogenic burial dating

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The method yields ages for four tills in Missouri that are stratigraphically consistent, agree with paleomagnetic age constraints, and show that ice advanced into Missouri near 1.25 Ma, near 0.8 Ma, and twice between ca.

Be ratio decreases over time and can be used to date the burial event.

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The Quaternary sediment record in the Vienna Basin is influenced by two main factors: (1) the tectonic development of a pull apart basin along a sinistral strike slip fault system between the Eastern Alps and the West Carpathians and by (2) strongly varying sediment supply during the Plio- and Pleistocene.

From the Late Pannonian (8.8 Ma) onward a large-scale regional uplift (Decker et al., 2005) controls terrace formation in the Vienna Basin.

Five quartz stones from the base of each terrace were physically and chemically processed to obtain Al and Be oxides for Acceleration Mass Spectrometry.

Sand samples for luminescence dating were taken above the cosmogenic nuclide samples from the closest suitable sand body. QSR 24, 307-322 Peresson, 2006 Geologie der österreichischen Bundesländer Niederösterreich 255-258 Balco and Rovey, 2008.

These sediments cover an extensive part of southern Africa and form a low-relief landscape. more Kalahari Group sediments accumulated in the Kalahari basin, which started forming during the breakup of Gondwana in the early Cretaceous.

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