Goku's new life as the Guardian of Earth is a lot more enjoyable than you may wonder. Read how Ash travels around the regions with a more progressive look on Pokemon training. Come join our friends through a journey of friendship and eventually romance. For Ash Ketchum, his journey will unite both human and Pokémon as one, while stops every enemy in the way. More details inside Ash get hurt by his friends leave in broken but when something comes up for him to show that he is the best. As clouds of darkness continue to fall over the world and with the Kalos league approaching Ash and Pikachu, their kit Ashachu and their friends will soon face challenges PIKASHIPPING. Roman and Seth, with the help of Naomi, Tamina and the Usos, return the favor to Dean by trying to hook him up with The "Boss" Sasha Banks. Revived as a dark blue Mew, he finds himself happier. What happens when the broken girl meets the bad boy... Team Flare's a start and then the rest of the world. Ash/Giovanni, harassment of Team Flare and future Teams and others, and makeovers abound.On going story that spans from Advanced Generation through XYZ. Ash and gang arrive into Couriway Town for Serena's next performance. However, he decides to compete in a Pokemon Battle Tournament, where his old 'Friends' are competing as well. [Dreamshipping]Summer is calling in the Big Apple, dare to join the four women as they go through an interesting summer. Ash has all his gym badges although he's not very confident about the Kalos league due to his past. When Dawn, eighteen and single, decides to have her baby, she loses more than just her career. Amy Rose and her parents move to a new house in Station Square to start a new life.Everything went well until Ash decided to act strange. However he can only be human for a certain amount of time. Michelle is a newly married woman, Ashley goes through a set of 'unique' lovers, Candice becomes the female version of Gatsby with her extravagant parties, and Torrie becomes a new woman. Ash goes through major doubts and heads back to Pallet town by himself. She ends up cutting ties with her family and Ash, the man she thought she loved. She meets a blue-haired teenage boy at high school but notices that he's been acting a little weird to why he doesn't hang out at night.

Will having May by his side, and of course Pikachu, will he be able to become a Pokemon master with another beginner at his side? He can't escape this curse until he finds a girl that is his true love.

Advanceshipping, will have body switch, thought reading, and a combination of all that good stuff as the story progresses! They are going to Alola, meeting new people, and new Pokemon. After ash's parents death, he came to stay at the yvonnes place.

Most importantly, they are on a new adventure, together. This is a small part of the lives of ash and his friends, their actions, their crazy love chemistry especially ash's.

To make things worse ash come to know about the real reason of his parents death and all that was going on in the shadows.. When Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, Kanto awakens from a four year coma, he tries to find someone he had...certain feelings for in the Unova region.

if u need one pm mei am a fan of espeoni like to see different pokemon couplei hope ash get an eeveetwo main ocs the perez family have pyschic power carrie and brittany are sistersselina perezfemaleshyred shirt and skirtred hair blue eyesally perezfemalenice timidpink hair green eyesblue skirt green shirtshadow santiagoblack eyes hairgray pants shirtevilcarrie williamsred hair hazel eyespurple skirt shirtfunny shyamy perezpink hair green eyespink skirt shirtnice marry to zach perezzach perezblack hair blue eyesblack shirt pantsnice marry to amybrittany williamsred hair green eyesgreen shirt skirtashley perezblue hair green eyesyellow shirt skirtshe is amy and zach daughter and has pyschic powerjack sanchezblack eyes blue hairgreen pants shirtjack is goodamanda williamsred hair hazel eyesbrown skirt shirtmother of carrie and brittanybobby williamsbrown hair green eyesblack shirt pantsfather of carrie and brittanyjill monterothe perez family cousingreen eyes purple hairred shirt pantsnikki sanchezred hair hazel eyegreen pants shirtbecky sanchezorange hair green eyesorange shirt skirtbecky nikki and jack are familyselina twin brotherstephen perezblack hair brown eyesorange shirt pants A Gokux Harem series.

Set in an alternate universe where Goku didn't marry Chi-Chi and instead became the Guardian of Earth.

Somehow, this small change leads to Goku having a harem. After a highly successful Kalos League run, Ash and his friends receive an invitation to Hawthorn City in Johto before he can return home, offering him a shot at ultimate glory: a chance to win the coveted title of World Champion. Giovanni gets de-aged and more doors are opened for him.

Follow along as Goku builds relationships with the entire dragon ball series cast. Ash learns of the many paths that one can lead in the world of Pokemon, changing the path of his destiny forever. Surrounded by friends and rivals Ash must see beyond the tournament and accept his greater destiny beyond being a Pokémon Trainer. When Ash and Misty have to go their separate ways, she gets the idea of keeping touch through letters. Amour shipping and Pearl shipping (Only bits of pearl shipping not main focus). Ash and Oshawott recover from a mysterious coma after their brutal fight with Entei, Team Rocket has discovered a new Pokémon, and the nation is on the brink of war. Ash is betrayed and accidentally killed by his friends. And yet the first thing he chooses to do is harass Ash Ketchum. Ah well, he'll coerce her to help take over the world with him somehow.

Amourshipping, contestshippping and pearlshippping. But along the way, Ash discovers that Team Plasma has taken over Unova and caused many Trainers to go into hiding, as well as many towns and cities to be destroyed.

Can Ash and Iris save the Unova region before it's too late?

On their way to Snowbelle City, Ash and his friends must come to grips with situations that force them to reexamine their bonds.