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Clubbers Guide Publication Our joint CCOP / Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence / Community Patrol USA “Clubbers Guide” addresses many of the general safety concerns with a night out on the town in a simple wallet sized fold-up brochure.

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Dating is fun and exciting and these tips and tricks will help you enjoy the experience to the fullest, while staying safe at the same time.

EZ-Defense DATING SAFETY Be City SMART Poster In collaboration with the SFPD Chief’s LGBT Community Advisory Forum and the Stop The Violence project, the “Be City SMART’” poster provides simple information in bullet form on dating safety, drink safety and crime reporting.

These aren’t for your average musclehead ex-jocks who dream of the glory days back in high-school before they realized they peaked early; the focus is on fun and socialization rather than competition.

Joining an amateur sport league is a great way to expand your social circle; if you don’t have enough interested friends or co-workers to field a team on your own, most leagues will help you find a team to join.

(Doctor Nerd Love does NOT endorse buying dogs specifically to meet women. Of course, if you happen to volunteer to pet-sit or walk your friend’s dog as a favor…

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