Ashley Fern is the second most veteran female staff member of Elite Daily.

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I have tried to jump on the Chipotle bandwagon many a times, since it seems to be my friends’ go-to meal, but I honestly don’t get it. Doesn’t your stomach hurt after eating a bowl or burrito full of all that stuff? The only time I even had Chipotle was back in college when my best friend worked there and slipped me quesadillas under the table.

How can you eat that for lunch and just simply go about your day? While I personally worship Jimmy John’s (yes, it’s totally fine and acceptable to be in love with a sandwich), I thought it would be interesting to delve into the minds of Chipotle lovers and decipher this love/hate relationship.

How can you eat Chipotle without getting a side of guacamole?

Do I have enough time to wait on this line that is basically out the door?

Wait, how is this line of 20+ people moving so damn fast?

To prepare your food, there is literally an assembly line of employees who shout out yes or no questions, which you feel pressured to answer on the spot because of the absurd line behind you.People who don’t like Chipotle don’t understand how someone can worship such a chain.And honestly, people who love Chipotle don’t even want to entertain the idea that others out there don’t feel the same way they do. It’s such a travesty since it’s mixed into the rice, making a burrito just not an option. You probably had 10 minutes waiting on line to decide your order.Well, unless you want to be the assh*le who holds up the line for some fresh rice. Don’t get all flustered when it’s time to choose; this isn’t actually “The Hunger Games.” Ashley Fern is the second most veteran female staff member of Elite Daily.She started off as a Senior Lifestyle Writer and is now our Director of Branded Social Strategy.You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @disco_infern0!