The Association of European Coeliac Societies - also known as AOECS - is the umbrella organisation of European national coeliac societies with currently 35 enrolled Member societies across Europe.

Krabshuis (France) Anton Le Mair (Netherlands) (CD) is a chronic, immunologically determined form of enteropathy affecting the small intestine in genetically predisposed children and adults.

It is precipitated by the ingestion of gluten-containing foods [1].

It is also referred to as celiac sprue, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, or nontropical sprue.

Since the introduction of our European licensing system in 2012, our Member societies are licensing the use of the trademark-protected Crossed Grain symbol across Europe.

The highly recognisable symbol can now be found on the packaging of over 9,000 gluten free products with numbers increasing every month. Find out more A study carried out by Eeva Laine, Project Manager at the Finnish coeliac society Keliakiailiitto, focuses on the psycholgical effects of having coeliac disease within families and social circles.

What makes our new licensing scheme so attractive to gluten free producers is that with only one license they can export to all European countries in which AOECS Member societies are located.

Bai (Chair, Argentina) Michael Fried (Switzerland) Gino Roberto Corazza (Italy) Detlef Schuppan (Germany) Michael Farthing (United Kingdom) Carlo Catassi (Italy) Luigi Greco (Italy) Henry Cohen (Uruguay) Carolina Ciacci (Italy) Alessio Fasano (USA) Andrea González (Argentina) Justus H.

If you would like to have more information on diagnosis rates, please read our press release.

Throughout the month of May, our Member societies are holding seminars and information workshops all over Europe.