“Lindsay and Sam had a passionate dysfunctional relationship that ended terribly.Lindsay might be better suited to focus on reestablishing herself as a legitimate Hollywood actress rather than a tabloid disaster.” The Mean Girls actress, 23, and celeb DJ, 32, started publicly dating in July of 2008 and broke the tumultuous relationship off in April 2009.

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“Better yourself; become even more marketable to the opposite sex; get in the best shape of your life; become more cultured; and spend time alone to get to really know yourself.” Hear that, Li Lo? Have YOU ever had a hard time giving up on an old relationship?

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Lindsay says she’s thinking about leaving the country for a while to live in Britain, tweeting Feb.

23, “Moving to the UK is in my near future* better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!

” Matt thinks some time apart is a good idea and suggests she take at least three months on her own to get to know herself again.

“Keep yourself occupied and become temporarily self absorbed,” he advises Lindsay.

Nearly a year after breaking up with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan is still hung up on her ex-girlfriend.

Not only did the starlet ‘drop in’ on Sam’s DJ gig at Hollywood hot spot Bardot Feb.

23, but earlier in the day she discussed rekindling their romance during an interview with the U. But trying to force Sam to come back is a no-no, says celebrity dating coach Matt Titus: her crazy behavior should have stopped a long time ago.

“The pursuit of an ex in most cases is a BIG waste of time,” the author tells Hollywood