I got the following question in my comments about a topic I'm very passionate about--thigh chafing aka chub rub prevention! How do we go swimming with bikini bottoms but still prevent the chafing? I've never actually found swimming to cause chub rub for me, but I have definitely had moments at pool parties and beaches where I needed to surreptitiously apply chub rub prevention for out of the water wandering and socializing. I'm back with a new episode of the Lesbian Tea Basket!

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" (She didn't say heck, actually.) She's right, people throw around health buzzwords but they rarely get explained in this mile a minute internet world.

I'm going to tell you my understanding of inflammation. I approach all exercise from a Health at Every Size approach.

Since this term has been co-opted by so many folks, I'll tell you what it means to me.

It means that all people, no matter what their size, should be able to have access to good, nutritious food and should have access to move in ways that make them feel good in and about their body.

Health at Every Size to me includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The way I feed and move my body affects all of those things for me.I started aqua jogging at a class at my former gym the Bed Stuy YMCA.The Capri rules both because it is cute and it’s such a great party room. My friend Mucha just moved to LA and she's renting out our guest room briefly while she gets settled.We got a free upgrade to an upstairs unit with a balcony (worth it, it’s cuter up there). It's nice to have someone to teach all of my newfound information about the neighborhood and living in LA.It also has hella cute LED lighting outside on each balcony and on the walls so your whole room can glow pink for ambiance. She used the same movers we used, she already has her driver's license, she's getting stuff done. It's probably a weed allergy she hasn't been exposed to yet, so she's doing the things you do like taking Zyrtec and whatnot, but I suggested drinking my Hibiscus Coconut tea to help with the inflammation.She said to me, "What the heck is inflammation anyway?