Broke and dating

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You’ve worked hard to be able to establish yourself, at least keep company with men who have done the same so you can share secrets to success and support each other in your growth.You shouldn’t be the only person offering resources and wisdom.

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In a matter of months, I went from bougie to broke. No one likes to talk about it, but money plays a huge role in romance. It’s a hard subject to broach, especially when you first begin seeing someone.

It’s not exactly sexy to say: “Hey baby, my rent is a week late, and I haven’t paid my internet bill in two months, so maybe we just order in Domino’s and save the leftovers for breakfast?

But the longer I kept my secret, the more my shame and anxiety grew.

Which is why, one evening in July, my relationship nearly imploded over something as stupid as a $30 personal pizza.

It’s a habit that I developed while I was making six figures, and one that was hard to kick when I lost my job and entered a whole new income bracket.

Broke and dating

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