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Because there are many hopes and his friends are always with him and protect him.

The 3 Mononoke try to stretch their hand to hold the boys’ hand.

Will Melos’ friend be killed in his place, or will Melos bid his lovely younger sister’s family farewell and return to be killed for his friend? It becomes a question about the trust and bonds between people.

*****The Plot of ‘The Cradle of Thorns’***** Past the hills that stood miles away from the forest and the village…

There stands a mansion guarded by roses as though it wants to disappear from the world.

The one who decided to ask him to write the script is the theatre circle’s advisor, Kanzaki Hikari.

The excellent young doctor originally worked hectically at a university hospital, but is now employed as Moulin Academy high school’s school doctor for many weeks. It starts just after Melos, who was imprisoned by a tyrant and is to be killed, asks a friend to present himself to the tyrant as a substitute so that Melos can appear at his younger sister’s wedding ceremony, telling his friend he would definitely return.

Sadly only 4 Yaoi Game are on the list since there are very few BL Dating Sims Games for android that are in English.

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