The robot holds up the bent girders.] [Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Stands.] BENDER Wow, that guy must have to be like the world's greatest bender. A tall athlete takes his lane next to Hermes'.] BARBADOS SLIM Hermes Conrad. [He laughs.] HERMES That's it Barbados Slim, you've gone one talk over the line! He's limboed out of retirement and straight into my heart. Farnsworth, Fry, Leela and Amy stand around the still disguised Bender.] LEELA You actually thought they'd let you walk away without an engine oil sex check? Replacing your testosteroil with Fembot lubricants can cause wild mood swings. She looks like your run of the mill ordinary trannybot.

bender and amy dating-9

Crowds cheer as an athlete carrying the Olympic torch runs up the steps to light the Olympic flame.

He opens a hatch in the side, ignites the pilot light and turns the flame up like a hotplate. Winner of five Olympic medals - Coilette from Robonia. If you ask me, women today are too stuck up to go out and jiggle their jello like everybody wants them to.

The crowds cheer.] [Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Stands. [He snatches the banner from them and rips it to shreads.] [Madison Cube Garden Training Room. The studio looks like the studio for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Humorbot 5.0 speaks with his usual mechanical voice and interviews a popular soap star.] HUMORBOT 5.0 So Calculon, do you want to set up this clip from All My Circuits? [A screen comes up behind them and they turn to face it. So Coilette, many young Fembot's wish to emulate you.

It redistributes his weight, shifting his centre of gravity closer to his knees. [Everyone cheers.] LABARBARA You're that fine Jamaican bacon! Bender and Zoidberg watch some competitors warm up on the field. [La Barbara runs to Hermes' side.] LABARBARA Aww, there there Hermes. If I'd wanted a human Adonis for a husband, I'd have stayed married to Barbados Slim. Disappointed, the crew sit down.] BENDER Well enough about Hermes, I couldn't win a medal either. Methinks a clever Manbot suitably disguised might win those events! He is dressed in a dress and a headscarf, trying to look like a Fembot.] BENDER What do you mean I'm not registered? [The official squirms and hands Bender a card.] [Madison Cube Garden Field. A man puts a protractor to it and gives a thumbs up.] MALE ANNOUNCER And it's straight! The beeper beeps and he dives off the end, grabs the girder and bends it as he falls.] MALE ANNOUNCER A perfect bend and a flawless entry. Perfect scores, a record five gold medals for Coilette! (talking) I'm about to begin the process of reshaping Bender's body into a tender delicate form. Fry ringes as Bender's antenna is snipped off.] [Robot Gender Testing.

[The bodysuit contracts around Hermes' waist and his flab equals out underneath it.] HERMES Ooo, that's snug! All is quiet between the two.] BENDER Shut up Zoidberg, the robot bending events are starting! BARBADOS SLIM Yes and I'll be going back there with a gold medal draped around my elegant Carribean shoulders. But the charade would require subtlety, nuance, grace. "Coilette" the Fembot from the Grand Duchy Of Robonia prepares for the competition. [Bender flips onto his feet and cheers.] BENDER I'm great! One has been impaled on a fencing sword, another has been impaled with five javelins and another has been impaled on a tennis racket. Bender lies down on an operating table.] FRY I can't watch this 'cause it's creepy and wrong and sick. [He starts hitting Bender's casing with a sledgehammer. A robot and a Fembot wait for Coilette.] ROBOT We can't wait for Coilette any longer dammit. [A curtain draws back and Coilette walks out of the Robot Medical Tent.] COILETTE I'm ready for my test now boys.

Something tells me I could easily beat those trained professionals. A crane drops an unbendable girder into the hands of a robot. The robot bends it around.] [Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Stands. [He laughs.] HERMES Your body may be as perfectly scultpted as it was 20 years ago when you whupped my fat ass every time we, I feel lucky. LABARBARA (shouting) C'mon Hermes, beat that mahogany god! Hermes closes in on Barbados Slim as they approach the last limbo stick.] COMMENTATOR (voice-over) It's Barbados, then Conrad. Everybody else sucks, except that guy Bender, he's really somethin'! [He pats Bender's hand.] BENDER I don't need friends, I need a sex change operation and give it to me now! AMY If you have even the slightest respect for the dignity of women - BENDER Pfft. Not for you, not for Bender, but for the proud people of Robonia! Bender holds up the side of the tent and ushers Farnsworth, Fry and Leela inside. His shadow is cast on the wall and Bender cries out in pain.] [Time Lapse. He puts a spanner between Bender's legs.] FARNSWORTH (dramatically) Draining male oil. [The robots' jaws drop - off.] [Madison Cube Garden Field. Bender gasps as he watches.] [Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Field. [He bursts into tears.] [Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Track.] [On the track the limboers warm up. [The hood squashes his hair flat and then into a rounded point.] BARBADOS SLIM I see you're still able to limbo under the bar of fashion sense! The crew and La Barbara watch and cheer and hold up a banner reading "You The Mon."] FARNSWORTH (shouting) Go bodysuit, go! [He cheers.] [Bender screams.] [Madison Cube Garden Tunnel. FARNSWORTH Bender a robot sex change is a complex and dangerous procedure. The winner's podiums have been set up and Coilette stands wearing five gold medals. Farnsworth, Fry, Leela, Amy, Bender and Zoidberg watch the games.] FRY So who should I root for? All this inspiring multi-culturalism is angrying up my blood. Hermes limbos under a limbo stick.] HERMES Go on stick, touch me! [The limbo stick is about 5 and a half feet off the ground. Which is why the limbo team got detained at the airport. On the screen a pirate barbecues some stuff and Calculon gives a dramatic performance.] [In the studio the audience applaud and stop instantly.] CALCULON Funny story, the script called for me to say "yes" but I gave it a little twist. America or one of those countries I learned about at the Food Court? [On the track some people dressed in stripy jerseys and French berrets and carrying loaves of long bread wave to the crowd.] LEELA No, they're from the Republic Of French Stereotypes. The four crew members and La Barbara are gathered around.] LABARBARA Husband, you haven't been an Olympic class limboer for 20 years! LEELA It does seem like Jamaica will be able to field a strong limbo team without you. LABARBARA That's when they begged my husband to step in and make an ass out of himself. FRY But have they seen your...y'know...physique, since the old days? HERMES I described it to them on the phone, using a series of artful euphanisms. FEMALE ANNOUNCER Up next, the Fembot bending competition. OFFICIAL Yes but "Robonia" sounds like something somebody made up on the spot. He runs with the javelin, stops, bends it, throws it and watches it fly across the field. [Farnsworth holds a red and blue jumpsuit.] FARNSWORTH Don't worry, the fat pig will do fine thanks to this flabbo-dynamic spandex bodysuit I've designed. [On the field Fembots bend coathangers.] BENDER Fembots? BENDER Ever been beaten up by a guy dressed like a chick? It is the farthest thrown.] MALE ANNOUNCER Another gold medal for the spunky maid from Robonia. In what looks to be a diving competition Bender stands at the end of a girder shaped diving board.