Combining these three values, position, traffic and traffic cost for each query, you get website rank value!The higher the rank is, the more popular and profitable the website is.

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Please take care the words which you used in title section , are fitness your web site's content. These processing will provides you many visitors from search engines.

It can be say for your character that it is very successful for search engine optimization.

Especially Google impoved Google Translate software, It can sense web site's content language. When we analyse your site's codes, we determined that you didn't use a sitemap.

If you don't use a sitemap, It will be efficent to give link this sitemap page from your homepage.

Rank is a comprehensive measure of website popularity and profitability.

It can be estimated the following way: First, you got to know positions of the site for different search queries in Google organic search results.Second important notion is traffic – estimated number of visitors coming to the page from Google organic search results.Third, you should know traffic cost – estimated cost of purchasing visitors.Also sitemap pages name is generally determined as You can prepare a sitemap page named we control codes belonging to your web site, We determine that W3 html standart error number is 251 error.If you want to have quality web site, this error number is rather many.