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Larry King Live featured interviews with one or more prominent individuals, mainly celebrities, politicians and businesspeople.The show became the longest-running program on CNN, lasting for 25 years until King's retirement from the network in 2010.Following the launch of CNN, other cable news channels launched in an attempt to capitalize on the channel's growing success, which often had marginal to no success in competing with CNN.

As Omni International, the complex had never succeeded.

Cousins sold it to Turner, along with the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise.

King, who was known for his general lack of pre-interview preparation, once bragged that he never pre-read the books of authors who appeared on his show.

Critics have claimed that Larry King asked "soft" questions in comparison to other interviewers, which allowed him to reach guests who would be averse to interviewing on "tough" talk shows.

He was replaced by conservative columnist Robert Novak, who had already co-hosted another political program on CNN, Evans & Novak and was also a regular on The Mc Laughlin Group at the time.

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