*Update: This post was originally written in June 2014.

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Click on the clock icon, and it will expand to give you some drop down menus to pick out a year, month, date, and time.

If you choose a time in the past, this is backdating; if it’s a time into the future, it’s scheduling. You can even include the specific location, tag a person you were with, or upload a photo representing that event.

Simply fill in the info and click the POST button to publish.

Before I show you how, let’s start with a quick overview of backdating and what exactly has changed.

For those of you unfamiliar with backdating and scheduling, you’re lucky.

This means you probably don’t have to do it on a regular basis!But if you’re a social media professional like myself, or if you’ve ever been curious about how to do this, read on.Currently, as of June 2014, Facebook profiles still have the ability to backdate and schedule into the future. Well, say you’re flipping through your smartphone and you found an awesome photo you took last month that you forgot to post to Facebook.OR a more urgent example is maybe you forgot to wish your mom a happy birthday. Thanks to backdating, you can still post that pic or status update AND have it post to your timeline on the date you meant it to post.The reasoning behind this is unclear, but my guess is that Facebook is serious about letting users have their time capsules and life events heavily documented via timelines, thus allowing you post in the past.To do this, take a look at your profile and you’ll see the round clock icon on the bottom row.