There is also a dictionary section if you come across a term that you are not familiar with. There is a cool new tool called Convertable that you should probably check out.It automatically tracks the source of every single web lead submitted through a contact form so you can then track the lead all the way through the end of the sales cycle.There is also a Convertable Word Press plugin, which you can see at

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anything not easily seen by the visitor (invisible text or pages that load faster than can be detected) or any automated process used to trick the search engines.

If your work can be viewed by both search engine and site visitor, reads like well written text and is not over abused, then you are OK.

What Search Engines are Looking For The Search Engines are not allowed to show obvious favoritism.

This ebook debunks the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works.

Definition of Spam: When speaking of search engines, spam is loosely defined as any technique used to give your web page(s) an unfair ranking advantage over other pages.

The definition is pretty vague, and thus changes depending on who you ask.

For our purposes, let us add to the above definition; …

It is my goal to provide the information necessary so that you can understand the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry and then either optimize your own site or knowledgeably find someone who can perform this service for you.

SEO is more than a one time do-it-and-forget-about-it service.