Androgynous men dating Sex toy chat bot

by  |  07-Sep-2018 10:29

At least you can distinguish the two (unlike those who will automatically say 'not all xx are like xx...' well duh, of course I know not ALL of them, but generalities and tendencies do exist too).

Allow me to elaborate: I can be quite androgynous if I wished but I'm choosing not to for my hubby's sake.

I can't answer this, because there is no option for "not caring either way". I guess my ideal woman would understand me, and constantly challenge me. I've met alot of attractive women, but how attractive they are meant absolutely nothing when I tried to talk to them.

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I tend to just like men better, in general, with exceptions, than females.

I am shy and not socially inclined, but I almost seek out men, not females.

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I voted for androgynous-looking women, although I like a lot of people who go against the typical gender roles - my last two major attractions were to a fairly flamboyant guy and a buff wrestling girl. She doesn't have to be a genius, 'cause what's a genuis? I'd want her to want to spend time with me and I would want to spend time with her. I still feel a pleasant twinge of reassurance every time I see/hear a guy mention that he prefers his women with substantial brains.

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