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While I think women in Egypt have a long way to go to get to where western women are, they are still far better off than women in other Islamic countries.

Egyptian women can drive, go out by themselves, work, and dress the way they want (even choosing not to wear hijab if they desire).

However, Egyptian women still lack a very important right - freedom. For example, a girl who is 20 cannot go out and get her own apartment even is she has a job.

Most families would forbid their daughter from doing this.

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She is therefore, not allowed to become self-reliant but must bide her time until she can be appropriately married at which time she goes to her husband's house.

In her husband's home she may gain a certain freedom she lacked in her family home, but this often comes at the high price of sacrificing her career in lieu of having children and being a wife.

Even though they might not admit it, this practice over time, wears away at a woman's self-esteem.