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Advice guys dating girls video

I asked this question on my facebook status and I got all sort of answers. Nigerian girls are materialistic due to the way things are in Nigeria (I want to believe)…

The answers people gave were Money, Brazilian hair, Fashion, and Instagram. I think if things were a little better economically, it wouldn’t be this bad.

To answer this question, I would say “Money.” I know I am a Nigerian girl and putting Nigerian girls under the bus will not be good for us, but I have to be honest with you guys. Please know that I am not condemning any Nigerian girl.

Great for impersonal, sorry, interpersonal communication. Here is our top nine of Sugoren’s top nines, to get you primed for some summer lovin’. Top nine phrases she knows are just flattery but she’s still happy to hear…

Post questions and have them answered by your opposite numbers on their own site.

Choice pick: “Even without makeup you look the same.” 2. Mostly not what he says, but how he says it—insincere apologies crop up twice. Top nine things he says in jest that will tick her off…Choice picks: “If you had an affair, I’d overlook it,” and, “You’d be suited for pro-wrestling, you know.” 4.Top nine complaints girls have about their long-term boyfriends…Choice picks: “He always suggests staying in for dates,” and, “He farts in my presence without shame.” Sounds familiar. Top nine thoughts girls have when a guy tells them what “type” he prefers… Top eight lines guys say to stop girlfriends hanging out with guy friends…Choice picks: “Oh, so he doesn’t have a girlfriend,” and, “There’s no woman in existence like that,” followed by a hearty laugh. Top nine times that a guy should get angry (to show he cares)… Top ways to show your true colors and turn her off… Choice picks: “You can’t hang out with your guy friends” (10 points for directness, minus 2 for tact) and, “Hang out, but you can’t go to their apartment.” 9.Apparently, when she comes home drunk, guys should get pissed off rather than just taking care of her without saying a word. Top nine lines that will make her heart skip a beat in your first email or phone call… I’ve wanted to ask for your number for ages/since we met.” A simple summer scorcher!