Extremely fast download speeds from different sources The maximum filesize for a single file is 1000 MB (some host allow only 100MB). You can even have ads automatically inserted on your users’ weblogs.

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Admin options allow you to set your own price, or offer the car listing service for free. All you need is the browser you are using right now (we suggest Firefox or Opera). Blog Hoster is a PHP-based software product which allows you to provide a blog hosting service on your website.

There are many criteria for users to list when submitting their cars to the classifieds, and many searchable fields. The blog hosting that you give your users with Blog Hoster is comparable to popular third-party blog hosting services like Blogger, Livejournal, and Typepad.

Users can also buy advertising, or save listings or search results within their accounts. As the admin of your blog hosting service, you can control how users will signup, write in their blogs, and interact with each other.

(more…) is completely free multihost and will be extremely popular. The entire visual frontend of the software is generic, so you can easily give it your website’s look and feel.

One of the main uses of serial communication today where no modem is involved—a serial null modem configuration with DTE/DTE communication—is not so well defined, especially when it comes to flow control.

The terminology null modem for the situation where two computers communicate directly is so often used nowadays, that most people don't realize anymore the origin of the phrase and that a null modem connection is an exception, not the rule.In history, practical solutions were developed to let two computers talk with each other using a null modem serial communication line.NOTE: Ok so i have absolutely no clue about PHP or any form of coding other than very simple html.As a result, i will be of absolutely no help to you if you get stuck using this, however i figured some members would appreciate this torrent.If you do in fact get stuck, please pop onto the forums and try to speak with someone with a bit more experience with PHP. (more…) A full scale web script for listing automobiles for sale in a classifieds style. We not HOST files, we are provider for mega popular file hosting sites !Users can also create accounts to add listings by paying per listing, or on a subscription basis for car dealers. There is nothing to install and no special software required. Your file is available for download here at Digzip 24 hours a day and seven days a week. (more…) Features + Jabber/XMPP support + Inline popups for plugins/extensions + Desktop Messenger support + Comet Service/Beacon Push/APE enabled for chatrooms + Facebook chat login with your own Facebook application keys + Enhanced and simplified theming + Sleaker scroller (more…) What is Blog Hoster?