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Bauer and Peter (10) note that this debate has led to such concepts like a zero energy home which is a home that produces as much energy as it consumes.

They observe that key to green building concept is the measures aiming at reducing the amount of energy being utilized.

During that time, I was a competitive athlete, winning Bronze medal in the Soviet Union and Gold medal in Korea for the US Tae Kwon Do Team.


The world has united in fighting global warming with various scientists coming together to innovate and invent new approaches to bring it under control.

One of such innovative ways aimed at addressing the effects of global warming through embracing the concept of green building.

I still haven’t eaten beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or any other meat in 30 years.

I added a little fish to my diet when I started doing more weight lifting and wanted to gain muscle mass.

Unfortunately, I watch with horror others of my age-group (AARP candidates) who don’t focus on health and, as a result, have multiple health issues and a pill or two for each.

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