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So whether you’re bi, you think you might be be bi, or you’re not bi at all and just want to learn more about it, here are the bare basics of what you need to know about bisexuality. But as I said, bisexuality traditionally refers to attraction to both men and women, so some in the bisexual community feel more comfortable defining their sexuality by those factors.

However, there are plenty of bisexual people who staunchly define their sexual preferences as being attracted to their own gender as well as any other gender identity so…it all depends on the person. Are people who are bi actually gay and are afraid to say so or don’t know it yet?

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Listen, there are going to be some people who identify as bisexual before identifying as either gay or lesbian or whatever.

I’m sure plenty of us have friends who did just that.

It’s just another case of assuming that bisexuality means everything but what it actually means, and being mindful of this is what it takes to erase invisibility altogether.

Mom: Yeah yeah, now shut up I'm watching Oprah.~The teen who cried bisexual is the reason her mom doesn't believe her.

Bisexuality generally means you are attracted to men and women — the binary.

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