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And that’s not even to mention external interference into what your phone is recording.All sorts of systems are able to remotely shut your camera on or off: companies, governments, the military.It is not only relational but also truly social, with countless systems and people potentially interfering with pictures before they even emerge as visible. It has rules and norms hardwired into its platforms, and they represent a mix of juridical, moral, aesthetic, technological, commercial, and bluntly hidden parameters and effects.

The winner of a web contest called in to “solve” the issue ingeniously suggested to run a quick facial recognition or eye tracking scan on the video feeds—if no face was discernible, it would deduce that it must be a dick.

This exact workflow was also used by the British Secret Service when they secretly bulk extracted user webcam stills using their spy program, Optical Nerve.

This new paradigm is being called computational photography.

The result might be a picture of something that never even existed, but that the algorithm thinks you might like to see.

The trick, then, is to write the algorithm to clean the noise, or rather to discern the picture from inside the noise. Very simple: it scans all other pictures stored on the phone or on your social media networks and sifts through your contacts.

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