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Keep reading for the top 10 coaching (and player) scandals in college history.Last month's resignation of Louisiana State University's women's basketball coach amid allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with her players has once again raised an issue that has long dogged women's sports: the perceived prevalence of lesbian coaches.Some advocates for women's athletics fear that the incident involving Pokey Chatman will have negative ramifications for female coaches and encourage the use of "negative recruiting" aimed at some coaches and programs.

“The vast majority of athletic directors are male and there’s something called homologous reproduction.

Basically, it means that we tend to hire people that look like us,” Carpenter says.“So in its most innocent form, males tend to hire males.

But as Mary Jo Kane, a professor of kinesiology and director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota, points out, when male coaches are accused of such indiscretions, their actions are usually perceived as isolated, unfortunate incidents that don't reflect on other male coaches as a group.

Homophobia has helped fuel the creation of a double standard, Kane says.

Lurking underneath that may be some hidden beliefs that females bring a greater chance of homosexual behavior than male coaches do,” Carpenter says -- adding, however, that while homophobia may play a role, she doesn’t think it tends to be a major factor in the hiring of female coaches.

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