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CEO Carl Ferrer was arrested Thursday and his Dallas headquarters was raided after officials in California accused him of felony pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping.

Under California law, felony pimping is defined as making money off prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution.

Ferrer was told directly by law enforcement officials about prostitution on the site “and is regularly copied on the hundreds of law enforcement subpoenas and requests that receives each year related to prostitution and sex trafficking of both adults and minors on the website,” according to the affidavit.

The California complaint alleges that rather than merely being a conduit for the ads, Ferrer “developed and oversaw a process to screen escort ads on ” By charging for the ads, the state charges that he and his co-defendants violated the state’s law against pimping, defined as making money off prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution.

6, 2016, on a California warrant after arriving in Houston on a flight from Amsterdam.

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