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Fiona said things have not become intimate between them yet because she likes to develop physical relationships over time, however, she does have former 'friends with benefits' from Vermont visit her in Arizona, where she moved to last year to help with her arthritis.

Similarly to what Brad said about older women demanding respect, Fiona noted that she lets her younger suitors know early on that she likes 'very old school manners with a great deal of gender-based courtesy' such as opening doors and standing when she leaves the table.

And he happens to like older women who are old fashioned.

'They expect certain things: dates on time, be a gentleman, call, be courteous, don't depend on text,' he explained of older women. They will just say, "Let's cuddle," rather than be whiny about it.' Meanwhile, 70-year-old 'Fiona' has also been changed, said she has never slept with anyone who wasn't at least 12 years younger than herself because she likes the 'companionship, candor, and idealism of younger men'.

The pair have worked together on Galarza's Fighting Forward charity program. The actress recently opened up to "The View" about finding true love.

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