Important fundamental aspects of geoarchaeology taught at UA include New World and Old World archaeology, and archaeological method and theory (in the Department of Anthropology), sedimentology, geomorphology, basic stratigraphy, and Quaternary stratigraphy (all in the Department of Geosciences), and pedology (in the Department of Soil Science).More specialized training in geoarchaeology, archaeometry, Quaternary ecology, palynology, paleolimnology, and in the weathering and diagenesis of sediment and bone are also available through Geosciences, Anthropology, and Materials Science.An unusually wide array of training in the broad area of archaeometry is also available in geochronology (radiocarbon, U-series, and tree-ring dating), geochemistry (radioactive and stable isotopes), and in studies of prehistoric and historic processing of inorganic earth resources to produce metals, ceramics, and glass.

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Students intending to pursue careers as specialists in any field of archaeological science may be eligible for up to two years of full support (stipend plus tuition) from the University of Arizona/NSF IGERT Program in Archaeological Sciences, which is funded through 2007.

For information and application deadlines see Archaeology: Those wishing to emphasize archaeology should apply for admission through the Department of Anthropology (, where graduate level competence in the four fields of anthropology will be required, as well as 12 units in a minor such as geosciences.

Principle Anthropology faculty concerned are: Vance T.

In 1996, the Education Committee of the Geological Society of America’s Archaeological Geology Division took over the responsibility of periodically updating the directory.

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Some are narrowly focused, others are only tangentially archaeological geology or geoarchaeology.

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Hence the coverage is intended to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Faculty in programs not listed should send the relevant data about their graduate programs to Rolfe Mandel. Rolfe Mandel Kansas Geological Survey 1930 Constant Avenue University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66047-3726 Phone: 785-864-2171 Internet: [email protected] ARIZONA, University of Tucson, Arizona The University of Arizona has one of the oldest academic traditions of geoarchaeology in North America, with nationally recognized faculty and programs, and well-equipped laboratories.