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The first day is always the hardest, days two and three usually aren’t bad, but once you get to day four the buildup of sexual tension begins to bear down so much that the slightest breeze is cause enough for an erection. Simple, to understand the effects that male masturbation has on his ability to attract women. There is an idea floating around that basically says that if a man abstains from ejaculating he will be more likely to pursue and attract females.

There are a few different thoughts on why people might believe this, ranging from fluctuating testosterone levels to general horniness. During the last year, I’ve been attempting to go on and off in my personal masturbation habits.

Eben’s online success was noted by his followers and he began to receive requests on how to sell product information online.

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The second big observation from abstinence was my level of motivation.

Not just motivation to go out and meet women, but my motivation to do other productive things in life, like exercising or writing for example.

Eben Pagan has 14 years experience in the internet marketing industry.

His training program titled “Altitude” sold at $ 10,000 a few years back.

Some weeks, I try to abstain from wanking and some weeks I treat my body like my own personal amusement park.

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